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FAQ For Employers


Q: How do I register?
A: Just click the Register link under the Employer drop down and fill in the requested information. Once you have registered, you can sign in at any time by selecting “Sign In” at the top right of the page.

Q: Can I change my email address, password and user name?
A: To change your email address, password or other information, log in with your current username and password. Go to the Your Profile section of your dashboard. You can change everything but your username from this page. If you need to change your username contact customerservice@jobsintheus.com.

Q: Can I share my account with colleagues?
A: Only one person can access an account at the same time, so everyone in your company will need their own account. This is to provide better security and tracking for your account.

Job Posting

Q; How much does it cost to post a job?
A: We have several Job Slot packages and pricing options to choose from. Click here to view our prices. If you don't see what you need, give us a call at 877-374-1088.

Q: How do Job Slots work?
A: Job Slots give you flexibility and control so you can adjust to your hiring needs. During the course of your subscription, you can have as many jobs posted as the slots you purchase. If you hire a candidate during the course of your subscription or decide not to hire for a particular job, just suspend that job and post a new one. You can keep re-using your slots for different jobs over the course of your subscription.

Your job slot package will automatically renew for the term you select (1, 3 or 12 months.) You can cancel auto-renewal at any time from your Account Summary page.

Q: How do I post a job?
A: First you’ll need to Register. You can post your job, then select a package, or the other way around. Please note that if you add any enhancements to your job (eg., Featured or Highlight), you must purchase enhancement credits in order to make your job live.

Q: Can I keep my posting confidential?
A: Yes, in Step 2 of the posting process you can opt to Hide your company name. The company name will appear as Anonymous. By default, the Company Name is open, but your contact information is hidden.

Q: How do I post a job that doesn’t have a specific location? (eg, work from home, traveling nurse or sales person)
A: Just select Locationless/Telecommute on the job posting page.

Q: I entered a job, but it's not live on the site. Help!
A: After you save a job description, and if you have credits available, you must take a final step and activate the listing. Go to My Jobs, click the box to the left of the listing you wish to activate, then click the green Update Jobs button.

Also check under the Details section of your My Jobs page. If any of the letters are red, that means you need to purchase an Enhancement credit for that job.
One final check is the date posted. If a checkbox doesn’t appear to the left of your job, then the end date of the posting may have passed. Just click the cog icon next to the job and Edit the date range.

Q: How do I edit an existing job post?
A: Log into your account, go to My Jobs, and click on the cog icon beside the title of the listing you wish to edit. Select Edit to return to the job and make changes. Don't forget to Save or Post it when you're finished!

Managing Applicants

Q: Can I receive resumes directly to my email?
A: Absolutely. Each posting allows three methods for applicants - 1) email, 2) your External ATS or 3) JobsInTheUS.com internal ATS. You will choose 1 of these 3 options with each job posting. The system defaults to email.

Q: Should I put my email address in the job posting?
A: You are free to include your email address or alternate application method in the body of the job posting, but please know our system cannot track the total applications for the job posting if you choose this method. We highly recommend directly candidates through one of the three methods available.

Q: Where can I see the applicants who have applied for my job?
A: They appear in your Dashboard, organized by method of application – Internal ATS, Email or External ATS. For External ATS applications we provide information based on candidates who click the Apply button on your job.

Q: I had applicants in my account who applied to my posting, but now I can't find them.
A: You may have accidentally archived the applicants. Go to the My Applicants section, then click on the Applicant Archives link and see if they appear in folders based on the Job Title. If not, please email customerservice@jobsintheus.com for assistance.

Resume Database

Q: How does Resume Search work?
A: Any Keywords you enter will search against the resumes and profiles of all candidates who have opted to make them public. The fielded data (eg, job type, location, experience) searches against candidate Profiles.

Q: Can I automate the process?
A: Yes, set up a Resume Retriever to have candidates who match your criteria delivered directly to you. The Resume Retriever is located on your Dashboard.

Company Branding

Q: How can I brand my company on your site?
A: There are several branding opportunities available. You should create a rich company profile that includes your company logo, description, and any other information you want to provide, including video, social media profiles and benefits. Just click on the Company Profile link from your Dashboard.

To further set yourself apart in the growing competition for talent, add your logo to the home page of the site or purchase banner ads. Other packages are available. Contact sales@jobsintheus.com for more information.